Online-workshop on Formal Epistemology

Helsinki Formal Epistemology Workshop

Monday December 14th 

4pm-5pm                    Anna Mahtani (London School of Economics): "The Objects of Credence                                                    and Chance" 

5.10pm-6.10pm          Moritz Schulz: (TU Dressden): "Relying on Uncertain Information"                                                                (pre-read) 

6.20pm-7.20pm          Miriam Schoenfield (University of Texas, Austin):  "Can Bayesianism                                                           Accommodate Higher Order Defeat?" (pre-read)


Tuesday December 15th 

3pm-4pm                    Bernhard Salow (University of Oxford): "Epistemology Normalized"                                                             (pre-read) 

4.10pm-5.10pm          Dimitri Gallow (Australian Catholic University): "Two-Dimensional                                                               Chance Deference" 

5.20pm-6.20pm          Jason Konek (University of Bristol): "Epistemic Value, Imprecision, and                                                        the Principal Principle"