Seminar during Brain Awareness Week

The seminar was held at the Main Building of the University of Helsinki (UH) on March 15 2024 and it brought together 30 participants.

The seminar included a welcome coffee reception and three talks followed by Q&A. Dr. Vesa Putkinen (Turku PET Centre) spoke about “Molecular, neural and bodily correlate of music-induced emotions”, Prof. Minna Huotilainen (UH/Centre of Excellence in Music, Mind, Body and Brain) presented a talk “Music is a mystery for a neuroscientist“ and Andrei Rodionov’s (UH, Faculty of Educational Sciences) talk was entitled “The neuroscience of creativity for everyone: Facts and myths about human creative abilities”. 

The event was organized by the UH/Faculty of Educational Sciences together with the Mind and Matter profiling action of UH, the Research Council of Finland, Cognitive Brain Research Unit UH, and the Centre of Excellence in Music, Mind, Body, and Brain.