Predictive coding in language learning

PI Sari Ylinen

Time frame 2015– 2017

Description The aim of this project is to determine whether newborn infant’s abilities of statistical learning and predictive coding are linked with later language development. In addition, we will study the effect of breastfeeding on brain responses and language development. The results are expected to increase the understanding of neurocognitive mechanisms of language learning and the links between infant’s cognitive skills and language development. In the future, they may for example help to develop methods for early recognition of delayed language development or its risk.

Methods Event-related potentials (ERP), the mismatch negativity (MMN), electroencephalography (EEG), study of language development with communicative development inventories

Keywords language learning, predictive coding, statistical learning, infants

People Sari Ylinen, Emma Suppanen

Collaborators Prof. Teija Kujala, CBRU, Dr. Kaija Mikkola, HUS, Prof Istvan Winkler, Department of Experimental Psychology, Institute for Psychology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Funding University of Helsinki research funds