Neurocognitive Basis of Bilingualism

Project nameNeurocognitive Basis of Bilingualism

PI Minna Lehtonen

Time frame 2013-2016

Description The command of more than one language is extremely useful for people today. Our research on neurocognitive aspects of bilingualism addresses questions such as what kind of influence – advantages or disadvantages – the acquisition and use of multiple languages has on linguistic and nonlinguistic cognitive processes in the brain. How do different kinds of bilinguals process language, and what kind of plastic changes can be observed in the brain due to language learning? 

Our studies also focus on the control mechanisms that are at play during language processing, for example during language switching. We utilize a variety of techniques in studying these questions, such as MEG, DTI and behavioral methods.



People Alina Leminen, Teija Kujala, Sini Hämäläinen, Suzanne Hut, Miika Leminen

Collaborators Prof. Matti Laine, Abo Akademi University; Docent Päivi Helenius, HUS; Docent Jyrki Mäkelä, HUS; Viljami Sairanen, HUS; Dr. Toni Auranen, Aalto Univ.; Dr. Victor Vorobyev, Univ. Turku; Prof. Yury Shtyrov, Univ. Aarhus

Funding Emil Aaltonen Foundation, University of Helsinki 3-year Funds