INDIVIDRUG monthly seminar series

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the University’s current guidelines (COVID-19 situation), Individrug seminar series has been cancelled for the rest of spring 2020

The Individrug research program organizes a monthly seminar series, where students from the Individrug research groups get to present their research. The series includes altogether 10 seminars. The seminars are held on Thursday afternoons from 3pm to 4pm. 

All Individrug members are warmly welcome to participate, including doctoral students and post-docs as well as PIs. Registration to the course is not needed.  Each seminar includes two interesting presentations by the students, and coffee/tea is served. 

See information to the speakers and contact info below the program.

Program 2020

06.02. Seminar room 1-2

15:00 Helinä Kahma: Metabolic drug-drug interaction studies in vitro - Backman group

05.03. Seminar room 3

15:00 Fredrik Ahlström: Spared nerve injury causes sexually dimorphic mechanical allodynia and differential gene expression in spinal cords and dorsal root ganglia in rats - Rauhala group

15:30 Kaisa Litonius: Real-world pharmacogenetics in Finnish university hospital patients - Niemi group

02.04. Faculty Club - cancelled

30.04. 10-11 am, Seminar room 3 - cancelled

04.06.  Seminar room 3 - cancelled

03.09. TBA

01.10. TBA

29.10. TBA

26.11. TBA

17.12. TBA


Information to the speakers:

Students from all the Individrug groups are welcome to present their research. Presentations are 20 min + 10 min for discussion.

If you’d like to choose a date for your presentation, please contact Minna Lehtisalo ( Doctoral students are prioritized when choosing the speakers.

Credits for students:

Doctoral students attending the seminars can get up to 2 ECTS (1 ECTS attending the seminars, 1 ECTS giving a presentation). If you wish to get ECTS from the seminars, please register via the e-form: 

More information can be found on the course page (