Gaming in language learning

The project Gaming in language learning investigates how playing digital games affects foreign-language learning in different age groups.

Learning effects are studied by using brain research (EEG/MEG) and behavioral methods. We focus particularly on the learning of spoken words and their pronunciation, including the establishment of long-term memory representations for spoken words in the brain, the effects of speech production training on learning, and the interplay between speech perception and production.

The project is conducted at the University of Helsinki and its Cicero Learning network (Games and Learning Special Interest Group). Our multidisciplinary team consists of Sari Ylinen (PI, docent of cognitive neuroscience, language teacher), Dr. Minnaleena Toivola (phonetics), doctoral student Katja Junttila (psychology), and research assistant Anna-Riikka Smolander (language technology). Collaborators include prof. Mikko Kurimo and his team from Aalto University and prof. Maria Uther from the University of Winchester, UK.