CROSSCUT Conference

On behalf of the CROSSCUT team, the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques (CIEP) is pleased to invite you to participate to the final conference that will be held

On Thursday 29 August at 10 am,

At the CIEP, Sèvres - near Paris.

During this day, the project team will introduce the results of the CROSSCUT project. In a second time, teachers from the six partner countries will share their experience on cross-curricular teaching practices and on the CROSSCUT project. Finally, Robin Bosdeveix and Jean-Aristide Cavaillès, General Inspectors of the French National Education, Janet Looney, Director of the European Institute of Education and Social Policy and Olivier Rey, General Inspector of the French National Education and Research Administration will share their expertise and perspectives for interdisciplinarity and innovative educational practices.

The CROSSCUT project is cofinanced by the Erasmus+ programme and coordinated by the CIEP, an operator of the French Ministry of Education. It aims to integrate innovative pedagogical approaches based on cross-curricular teaching into teacher training, in order to contribute to the acquisition of transversal skills by students. This conference will be the occasion to present the results of the activities carried out for three years on interdisciplinary practices of secondary school teachers, in 6 European countries: France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Portugal.

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Lunch will be offered to all participants on August 29. For participants coming from far away, the CIEP features affordable rooms you can book for Wednesday 28 and/or Thursday 29, subject to availability.

If you wish to participate to this conference, please register on the online form by July 19, click here.