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Centre of Excellence in Complex Disease Genetics (CoECDG)
Kick-Off Symposium

Thursday February 8th 2018, at 9:00-16:00, Lecture Hall 2, Biomedicum 1

Registration is closed.


8:30 Morning coffee
Session I: Genetic discovery
9:00 Samuli Ripatti: The CoECDG vision for complex disease genetics
9:20 Jukka Koskela: Running phenomewide GWAS using Hail in Google Cloud
9:35 Om Dwivedi: Genetic architecture of type 2 diabetic families
10:50 Rubina Tabassum: Genetics of human plasma lipidome
10:05 Keynote talk
Mark Daly: Genetic studies on large-scale biobanks
10:35 Break
Session II: Statistical and computational methods
11:00 Christian Benner: Fine-mapping of trait-associated genomic regions
11:15 Hande Topa: Searching for genetic variants matching a given multivariate target profile
11:30 Priit Palta: Accurate and high-throughput genotype imputation with population-specific reference panels
11:45 Lunch break
Session III: Translation
13:00 Martti Färkkilä: Genetics and environmental factors of disease outcomes in two IBD cohorts
13:30 Jarno Kettunen: Rare RFX6 variants and diabetes
13:45 Antti Latvala: Complex traits: Genomics and causality
14:00 Pietari Ripatti: Polygenic hyperlipidemias and coronary artery disease risk
14:15 Emma Ahlqvist: Novel subgroups of adult-onset diabetes sharpen genetic associations and improve prediction of outcome
14:45 Andrea Ganna: Insights from the largest genetic study of sexual orientation
15:00 Tiinamaija Tuomi: Closing words
15:15-16:00 Wine & Cheese

For doctoral candidates:

University of Helsinki Course Code:  DOCPOP-127, Complex Disease Genetics - From Discovery to Precision Medicine seminar
ECTS Credits:  1-2 ECTS (1 ECTS for participation, 2 ECTS for participation + talk)