Workshop: Scandinavianism and Nordism in an international perspective

Two-day ReNEW workshop on Scandinavianism and Nordism in an international perspective, CENS, University of Helsinki (and on-line), 27-28 September 2021

Scandinavianism and Nordism were projects of transnational or even supranational identification and integration, of significant importance in the Nordic region from around 1840 to 1940. They developed in tandem with, and as a response to, contemporary pannational movements, not least in the European region. This broader macro-national context is to a marginal degree examined in existing research literature on the topic, although it constituted an important framework. 

This is first of two workshops reflecting on the panmovements in the Nordic region, Scandinavianism and Nordism, by analysing them as closely interconnected phenomena, and as integrated parts of a wider international pattern. The workshop is organized in a hybrid form with participants both on site and on-line. The second workshop will the place in Oslo later this year.  

The workshops are organized by professor Peter Stadius (CENS, University of Helsinki) and associate professor Ruth Hemstad (UiO Nordic, University of Oslo) with support from NordForsk through ReNEW.