Witness seminar: North and South - Social Democracy in the European 1970s

ReNEW seminar organised by the Institute of Contemporary History at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies, Södertörn University, and the Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki University.

Södertörn University, 15 October, 2019

The 1970s was a watershed for Europe and for social democracy. Economic crises, regime changes in Southern Europe, and rising neoliberalism posed challenges and offered opportunities that shaped the end of the 20th century. Four social democrats shed light on the period and on the interactions of Northern and Southern Europe.

A Witness Seminar with Pierre Schori (former international secretary of the Swedish Social Democratic Party), Valdo Spini (former vice-secretary of the Italian Socialist Party), Ulf Sundqvist (former chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Finland), and Jaime Gama (founding member of the Portuguese Socialist Party).

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