Study on Nordic Added Value in Nordic Cooperation

CENS has been awarded new funding for research on Nordic Added Value in Nordic cooperation.

The Nordic Added Value and Vision 2030 (NAV2030) project explores the conceptualization of the principle of Nordic added value across the work of the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers, and the latter’s subsidiary institutions. The project builds on the recent findings but extends the scope by examining how a two-value system within official Nordic cooperation has evolved. By examining the tensions reflected in the ways in which different Nordic cooperation institutions perceive Nordic cooperation and the concept of Nordic added value, the project will shed light on the possibilities and limitations in operationalising Nordic added value as a standard in official Nordic cooperation related funding.

Nordic Added Value and Vision 2030 is funded by NordForsk for 2023-2024. The project is coordinated by postdoctoral researcher Frederik Forrai Ørskov.