Seminar: Practicing Political Representation

Seminar on political representation in Helsinki 15–16 November 2018


Thursday 15 November

Session I, 14.00–15.45

Jussi Kurunmäki and Jani Marjanen: Welcome

Morten Nordhagen Ottosen: Publicity and Representation in Baden and Bavaria in the Shadow of the Carlsbad Decrees

Diederik Smit: Questions of Regional Representation in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands 1815–1839

Session II, 16.00–17.00

Alvin Jackson: Practicing Political Representation in Early Nineteenth Century Ireland:  Radicals, Repealers and Loyalists

Taru Haapala: Parliamentary-style Debates outside Parliament: Oxford and Cambridge Unions in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

Session III, 17.15 -

Wrap-up discussion with coffee and tea


Friday 16 November

Session IV, 9.30–11.00

Margrét Gunnarsdóttir: The Althing and Voluntary Association in Iceland 1794–1843

Ruth Hemstad: Scandinavian Visions for Pan-National Representation in 1830s and 1840s

Session V, 11.00–12.00

Susanna Rabow-Edling: Russian Visions of Representation and Citizenship. The Decembrist Constitutional Projects

Piotr Kuligowski and Wiktor Marzec: Who May Represent a Nation in Upheaval? The Concept of Representation during the Polish November Uprising, 1830–1831

Session VI, 14.00–

Onni Pekonen and Jani Marjanen: Introducing Ideas of Representation: Foreign Models and Naming the Diet in Finland, 1809–1863

Maren Jonasson: Agricultural Meetings as a Supplementary Forum for Political Debate in Finland, 1847–1863

Session VII, 15.15–16.00

Wrap-up discussion

Next steps and timeline


The seminar is part of the activities of the research project Political Night in New Light 1809-1863 (Statsnatten i ny belysning 1809-1863 / Valtioyö uudessa valossa 1809-1863).