Public lecture: Martin Conway on Europe after the Democratic Age

Prof. Martin Conway lectures on "What happened next: Europe after the Democratic Age" on Thursday 12 May at the University of Helsinki.

Public lecture hosted by the Centre for Nordic Studies and the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History with Martin Conway (Oxford).

What happened next: Europe after the Democratic Age

Thursday, May 12 at 16-18

University Main building, room 3032

In his recent book Western Europe’s Democratic Age 1945-68, Martin Conway draws the contours of a particular form of post-war democracy in Europe, preoccupied with stability and consensus, and cautious of the dangers of popular rule. In his guest lecture, Conway will discuss his book in the light of the fate of democracy after its democratic age. Is this version of democracy still with us as an ideal, or has it been replaced with something else – how and with what?  

Comments by Professor Henrik Meinander and Associate Professor Johanna Rainio-Niemi

Convenor Johan Strang

The event is open for all. No registration required.

Martin Conway