Public lecture by Malte Gasche on circus people in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s

Wednesday 25 September, 2019, at 18.30-20.00, Theatre Museum, Helsinki.

Malte Gasche reflects on the diverging fates of circus people in times when circuses constituted cosmopolitan and mobile spaces. 

The public lecture is part of the research project Forgotten Cosmopolitans: Diverging Fates of Europe's Circus People in the Wake of WWII, which explores the impact of the Second World War and the pre-war climate on human fates in Europe in cooperation the members of circus community. The project is coordinated by Malte Gasche, Centre for Nordic Studies, University of Helsinki. 

The lecture is in Finnish.

The lecture is organized by Theatre Museum and Circusinfo Finland.

Event on the website of Theatre Museum: Yleisöluento - sirkusväkeä Euroopassa 1930-40-luvuilla.

Facebook event: Luento: Sirkusväkeä Euroopassa 1930-40-luvuilla.