Nordic Studies Online Digiloikka project

Nordic Studies Online (NSO) is a new project creating a digital teaching platform about the Nordics as a part of the University of Helsinki Digiloikka project. The NSO project is a joint initiative of the University of Helsinki, Aarhus University and Gdansk University, and cooperates with ReNEW network and

A new MOOC course on the Nordics has been launched at the University of Helsinki. The Nordic Studies Online (NSO) project is a part of the University of Helsinki Digiloikka project for a digital leap in education (2017–2020). The Digiloikka project supports the pedagogically meaningful use of digitalisation in teaching and learning in the new degree programmes. NSO is a joint initiative of several scholars from the University of Helsinki (Department of Cultures/Centre for Nordic Studies), University of Gdansk (Scandinavian Studies) and Aarhus University (Department of History) in cooperation with the ReNEW University Hub and online platform

NSO aims to create a digital teaching platform about the Nordics. The project consists of two parts. The first part includes development of a pilot version of online MOOC course “The Nordics: Narratives and Practices of a Region”, which will be tested with BA and MA students at the University of Helsinki, University of Gdansk and University of Aarhus. In the second phase the pilot is developed into a broader version of the same course open for anyone who wishes to learn more about the Nordic exceptionalism, cooperation, cultures, societies, professional life and other related themes.

Read more on the project in this blog post by Jana Lainto from NSO project: Launching the Nordic Studies Online DIGILOIKKA project