New Podcast Series: Uncovering the Nordics

In a new poscast series from Knowledge on the Nordics, researchers from within the humanities and social sciences offer their unique insight into pressing issues in today’s society, including the welfare state, education systems, Nordic literature, political science, the Nordics’ relationship with the EU, migration, and Nordic branding.

What is the state of the Nordics today? How do researchers investigate Nordic society and concepts? What leads people to research such a range of weird and wonderful subjects, and how is it done in practice?

Join Nicola Witcombe, the editor of, on 12 virtual visits around the Nordic countries and the US in this new podcast series - each time she is joined by researchers in order to find out the answers to these sorts of questions!

The researchers - from Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany and the US - give listeners their take on subjects they have studied and researched for years. They also give an overview of upcoming research in their area and how this all plays into the development of Nordic society.

Listen to the first podcasts: 

Iceland: Uncovering the Nordic Welfare State with Stefán Ólafsson
Sweden: Uncovering Nordic Education and Society with Janne Holmén

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