Minority Intellectuals in Europe between Empire, Nation and the World

Public seminar: Minority Intellectuals in Europe between Empire, Nation and the World, seminar 8-9 December 2017, University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, Unioninkatu 38 A, room 206. The purpose of this seminar, organized by the Academy of Finland project Minorities, Nation and the World, is to reflect comparatively on the self-understandings and national as well as transnational positioning strategies among the intellectuals of non-dominant linguistic or ethnic groups in the age of nationalism.




Friday 8 December 2017

14.00 Opening remarks by Henrik Meinander & Stefan Nygård

14.15 Dominique Reill (Miami): How to Make the Unseen Heard? Slavic Nationalism in a Nineteenth-Century Multi-Ethnic Adriatic

15.15 Gary B. Cohen (Minnesota): Contested and Affirmed: The Territories of Urban Minorities in Habsburg Central Europe, 1900

16.15 Coffee break

16.45 Max Engman (Helsinki): Finns see themselves in the mirror of Prague


Saturday 9 December

10.15 Łukasz Mikołajewski (Warsaw): Polish, Russian, Jewish and European depictions of the town Berdychiv at the turn of the 20th century

10.50 Ainur Elmgren (Helsinki): Civil Rights and Minority Politics in Finland and Central Europe 1937

11.30 Daniel M. Cobb (Helsinki/North Carolina): “I am going to Geneva": Deskaheh and the Location of Indigenous Nationhood in International Law

12.10 Stefan Nygård & Johan Strang (Helsinki): From Georg Brandes to Georg Henrik von Wright. Nordic Intellectuals in the World


The workshop is open but please register at stefan.nygard@helsinki.fi