Guest Lecture by Ola Morris Innset: Neoliberalism and Norway

CENS and the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History are happy to invite you all to a Guest Lecture by Ola Morris Innset on Neoliberalism and Norway on February 20, at 14-16, University of Helsinki, Main building, U3029. Open for all, no registration required.

In the Nordic region, programmatic neoliberals were few and far between, yet the Nordic welfare states have become thoroughly marketized. Is there a specifically Nordic neoliberalism, and how does one written an intellectual history of such a hybrid social formation? In his lecture, Ola Morris Innset will discuss the neoliberalisation of Norway, arguing that market thinking and competition have not replaced, but become part and parcel of the very structures of the Norwegian (welfare) state itself.

The lecture is based on Innset’s research on the history of neoliberalism and in particular on the book Markedsvendingen: Nyliberalismens historie i Norge (2020).

The event is arranged by the Academy of Finland project Neoliberalisation of Nordic Democracy. Johan Strang will comment on the lecture and moderate the discussion.    

Ola Morris Innset is a postdoctoral fellow at the BI Norwegian Business School. His dissertation Reinventing Liberalism – The Politics, Philosophy and Economics of Early Neoliberalism (1920-1947), published by Springer 2020, won the History of Economics Society annual dissertation prize.