From research methods into practice: migrant-background elderly people and participatory approaches in a Nordic society

This free webinar focuses on participatory research methods and their application to elderly people of migrant background, especially in the context of physical activity and sports. The event will take place on 30 May 2024.

The webinar will host four individual presentations, starting from methodical reflections on the topic in the morning session, and discussing practical experiences from working with elderly people of migrant background in the afternoon session. The event concludes with a discussion on the presentations’ main takeaway, their research implications, and best practices.


The speakers, all established experts in their fields are Eva Rönkkö (Finnish Pensioners’ Association), Lucia Trimbur (Fulbright Bicentennial Chair, University of Helsinki), Riitta Latvio (Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation) and Anni Reuter (University of Helsinki).


Programme: (All times UTC+3 / Finnish time zone)

10.00 -10.00 Brief introduction (Malte Gasche, University of Helsinki)  

10.10 -10.55 "Elderly immigrants or foreign-born older people? Methodological reflections 

                       on vertical and horizontal diversity" (Eva Rönkkö, Finnish Pensioners’ 


10.55 -11.00 Short Break

11.00 -11.45 "Rapid Rural Appraisal (RRA) – Uses and limitations

                       How can we apply RRA to the Healthcom-Project?" (Lucia Trimbur, Fulbright

                       Bicentennial Chair, University of Helsinki)

11.45 -11.50 Closing words of first session (Sami Koskelainen, University of Helsinki)

11.50 -12.35 Lunch Break

12.35 -12.45 Brief Introduction to session 2 (Malte Gasche)

12.45 -13.30 Practical experiences from FIMU: organizing PA for foreign-born and elderly 

                     people (Riitta Latvio, Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation)

13.30 -13.35 Short Break

13.35 -14.20 Doing interviews with elderly Ingrians in a research context (Anni Reuter, 

                     University of Helsinki)

14.20 -14.25 Short Break

14.25 -14.55 Final discussion: What are the takeaways?

                        What other knowledge based techniques do we need to conduct our research?

                        What are we doing next? (Moderated by Lucia Trimbur)

14.55 -15.00 Final words (Malte Gasche & Sami Koskelainen)


The webinar is jointly arranged by two research projects:

  • HEALTHCOM (“Healthy communities in ageing societies – participatory research with elderly immigrants and refugees living in a Nordic society”), project led by Aalborg University, funded by Nordforsk
  • “Integration and Empowerment: Organized Sports and Newcomers in Finland”, at Centre for Nordic Studies at the University of Helsinki, funded by Kone Foundation


Please direct any questions concerning the content of this webinar to its coordinators, Malte Gasche (, and Sami Koskelainen ( 



From research methods into practice: migrant-background elderly people and participatory approaches in a Nordic society

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