Call for papers: The "Great White North"? Critical Perspectives on Whiteness in the Nordics and its Neighbours 

Call for papers for both the international conference “The ”Great White North”? Critical Perspectives on Whiteness”, at the University of Helsinki, August 27-28, and the doctoral student workshop organized in connection with the conference are open! The deadline for submission of proposals is 30 April 2019. 

This multi-disciplinary conference seeks to examine post- and de-colonial perspectives of Whiteness that do not take ‘modern’ nations and regions as their departure, and can therefore accommodate different practices of migration, different understanding of indigeneity, and different Nordic ‘ethnicities’. The organisers aim to discuss questions of linguistic/cultural difference in the expression and representation of Whiteness in the Nordics and question how the notion of belonging has changed over time.      

Check the call for papers at the conference website.