A Celebration of Finno-Ugric Heritage in Pärnu

The Multinational Migrants: Ways of Adaptation in the Nordic and Baltic Countries project is delighted to announce a unique cultural event that took place on May 12, 2024, in the historic town hall of Pärnu, Estonia.

This event was a remarkable celebration of the rich Finno-Ugric heritage, featuring a captivating lecture and a concert that brought together diverse communities.

A Harmonious Gathering

Music, with its unparalleled ability to unite and uplift, served as the central theme of this event. Known for its power to create a sense of belonging, music was the perfect medium to foster unity among the attendees. However, it's essential to recognize that not everyone can participate in music-making – composing, playing, singing, or performing – which requires a complex interplay of skills, styles, tastes, and traditions. This event aimed to highlight both the inclusive potential and the challenges inherent in musical expression.

Lecture by Dr. Natalia Abrosimova

At the request of the Mordovian diaspora in Estonia, the event featured an insightful lecture by Dr. Natalia Abrosimova on the Finno-Ugric peoples from the post-Soviet space residing in Estonia. Dr. Abrosimova, a renowned scholar and moderator of the event, provided a profound exploration of the cultural and social dynamics of these communities, emphasizing their contributions to Estonia's multicultural tapestry.

A Cultural Concert

The highlight of the event was a vibrant concert organized by Natalia Abrosimova and Galina Ivanova, the head of the umbrella organization Union of National Minorities RADUGA in Pärnu. The concert showcased performances that celebrated the Finno-Ugric heritage and traditions. The event was further enriched by the participation of:

  • Raissa Klinova, founder of the Erzya National Movement in Estonia
  • Rosa Stolitsyna, founder of the Mordovian Cultural Society YALGAI

Their commitment to preserving and promoting the cultural heritage of national minorities in Estonia was evident in the event's organization and execution. Their dedication and efforts ensured a memorable evening, celebrating the cultural diversity and unity of the Estonian community. 

A Night of Unity and Cultural Exchange

The evening was not just a celebration of music and culture but also an opportunity for networking and strengthening bonds among the various communities. This event underscored the potential of music and cultural exchange to bridge gaps, foster inclusion, and celebrate diversity. It was a testament to the power of community and the shared human experience, highlighting the importance of preserving cultural heritage in a multicultural society.

Stay tuned for more updates on our project and upcoming events celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures within the Nordic and Baltic regions.

The Multinational Migrants: Ways of Adaptation in the Nordic and Baltic Countries project