Neoliberalism in the Nordics. Developing an absent theme

De­vel­op­ing an ab­sent theme is a research project led by Jenny Andersson (Department of Science and History of Ideas, Uppsala University) and funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond for a period of six years (2020-2026) involving researchers from eight universities, including Cens, University of Helsinki. Cens research team consists of associate professor Johan Strang and postdoctoral researcher Ilkka Kärrylä.

The project aims at developing an understanding of neoliberalism in the Nordic welfare states, and specifically, of the role of the welfare state and a set of political alliances surrounding and including social democracy, not merely as the targets of neoliberal critique but as the vehicles of a specific Nordic variant of neoliberalism. The programme brings together t a strong team of intellectual, conceptual, political, economic, social and cultural historians working across Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

More information on the project website: Neo­lib­er­al­ism in the Nor­dics. De­vel­op­ing an ab­sent theme