Join the book launch of History of Philosophy's seminar

On Friday, 31.05 there's going to be a book launch, which you're warmly welcome to attend!

The History of Philosophy Research Seminar will gather Friday, 31st of May at 2:15pm hosting a book launch by Heikki Haara (UH) and Juhana Toivanen (JYU).

The anthology, Common Good and Self-Interest in Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy (Springer) is available in open access

Vesa Hirvonen (UEF) and Kaarlo Havu (UH) have kindly consented to offer their comments on the book.

The event takes place in University of Helsinki's main building, Fabianinkatu 33, 4th floor, faculty hall. 


The event is open for all those interested, you are warmly welcome!