EuroStorie seminar 26.03

Join EuroStorie's seminar on 26.03 for their guest lecturer's - Cristina Nogueira da Silva's (“Citizens of ‘black race’ in Portuguese legal doctrine from the twentieth century”) - talk either in person or on Zoom!

As a part of the Helsinki Legal History Series, seminar guest lecturer Cristina Nogueira da Silva from the NOVA School of Law will give a seminar talk titled “Citizens of ‘black race’ in Portuguese legal doctrine from the twentieth century”.

Abstract: This paper aims to discuss the impact of racial criteria on access to citizenship and its influence on the identification and self-identification of local elites of native origin within the 20th-century Portuguese Empire. The focus will be on how this local elite countered the racialization of citizenship by invoking 19th-century universalist and color-blind legal principles that enabled them to define both themselves and the entire population of African origin as full Portuguese citizen.

When: Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 3:00pm - 4:30pm (UTC+2).

Where: Porthania Building, Room P545, University of Helsinki. You can also join us online via Zoom

Meeting ID: 637 3244 0554
Passcode: 331089