Reflections on Recognition

Conference organized by the Centre of Excellence Reason and Religious Recognition, 26–28 May 2016

26–28 May 2016, University of Helsinki. Organized by the Centre of Excellence Reason and Religious Recognition (Academy of Finland). This conference was organized around an international scholarly book project edited by Maijastina Kahlos, Heikki J. Koskinen  and Ritva Palmén.

Thursday 26 May
I Recognition: Novel Articulations
10:00–10:15 Welcoming words
10:15–11:00 ● Cillian McBride (Queen’s University Belfast):
Social Recognition: Agency and Social Interaction
11:00–11:45 ● Heikki Ikäheimo (University of New South Wales):
Conceptualizing Causes for Lack of Recognition – Capacities,
Costs and Understanding
11:45–13:15 Lunch break
13:15–14:00 ● Risto Saarinen (University of Helsinki):
Is Recognition a Gift? Do Gifts Express Recognition?
14:00–14:45 ● Heikki J. Koskinen (University of Helsinki):
Mediated Recognition: Suggestions towards an Articulation
II Historical Struggles for Recognition
14:45–15:30 ● Hartmut Leppin (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main):
Early Christians and the Politics of Recognition
15:30–16:00 Coffee break
16:00–16:45 ● Niko Huttunen (University of Helsinki):
Early Christians and Philosophy: Seeking Recognition in the
Greco-Roman Culture
16:45–17:30 ● Maria del Mar Marcos Sanchez (University of Cantabria):
The Rhetoric of Persuasion in Late Antique Religious Debate
Friday 27 May
10:15–11:00 ● Maijastina Kahlos (University of Helsinki):
On the Road – Late Antique Argumentation for Religious
III Medieval Intersections
11:00–11:45 ● Ritva Palmén (University of Helsinki):
Shame, Self-Assessment and Recognition in the Middle Ages
11:45–14:15 Lunch break
14:15–15:00 ● Andrea Aldo Robiglio (KU Leuven):
Aquinas and the Course of Recognition
15:00–15:45 ● Virpi Mäkinen (University of Helsinki):
Recognizing the Property Rights of Pagans and Infidels in the
Political Thought 1200–1400
15:45–16:15 Coffee break
IV Roots of Recognition Theory
16:15–17:00 ● Ericka Tucker (Marquette University):
Spinoza, Religion and Recognition
17:00–17:45 ● Paul Redding (University of Sydney):
Hegel’s Actualist Metaphysics as a Framework for Understanding his
Recognition-Theoretic Account of Christianity
Saturday 28 May
V Limits of Recognition
10:15–11:00 ● Simon Thompson (University of the West of England):
The Recognition of Religion in Public Spaces
11:00–11:45 ● Arto Laitinen (University of Tampere) & Teea Kortetmäki (University
of Jyväskylä): On the Natural Basis and Limits of Social Recognition
11:45–12:00 Short break
12:00–12:45 ● Miira Tuominen (University of Jyväskylä):
Justice without Recognition? – Porphyry on Abstinence from Injuring
12:45–13:00 Concluding words
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