Philology and the history of orientalism

Third meeting, Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History seminar

Dear all,


You are warmly welcome to the seminar of the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History Seminar


"After Philology: A Wild Goose Chase"


Common Room of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Study
2 October 2018, 4–6 pm


Papers by Henning Trüper

Chaired by Elise Garritzen


A paper is attached to this e-mail. Henning explains it like this:

“This is the first chapter of a book manuscript on the history of orientalism as analyzed in the context of the history of philology. Since ‘philology’ is a very messy term, I decided to conduct some genealogical work on it, mainly in the German-language context. The aim of this exercise was both to clarify its meaning and to mount a broader argument as to why philology has great interpretive force for understanding what orientalism was, and why both, when taken together, explain a vast domain of theoretical thought in the humanities. I am aware it’s a somewhat long submission for this seminar, but I hope it will be of some interest nonetheless.”


See you next Tuesday!