Passions, Politics and the Limits of Society

Out soon!: HCIH Yearbook: Volume 1 (2020)

Out soon, the first volume of our very own Yearbook, published by De Gruyter, entitled :


Heikki Haara, Mikko Immanen & Koen Stapelbroek (Eds.)


Heikki Haara & Koen Stapelbroek, Intellectual History and Helsinki: Editorial Introduction

1. Richard Whatmore, The State of Intellectual History: Local and Global


Part I: Inclusion and Exclusion in the History of Ideas

2. László Kontler, Inventing “Humanity”: Early-Modern Perspectives

3. Eva Piirimäe, Human Rights and their Realisation in the World: Herder’s Debate with Kant

4. Justin Begley, Pierre Gassendi and the Humanist Case for a Vegetarian Diet

5. Ben Dew, Jewish Exclusions: Eighteenth-Century Historian and Expulsion of England’s Jews

6. Tatiana Artemyeva, The Encyclopedism of the Russian Enlightenment in the History of Ideas

7. Çağlar Çömez, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, and the Possibility of an Inclusive Moral Dialogue

8. Fabio Mengali, Neither Citizens nor Slaves: the Aporetic Condition of Modern Citizenship


Part II: Natural Law, Political Economy and History: Essays in Honour of Kari Saastamoinen

Markku Peltonen, Preface: Kari Saastamoinen—An Appreciation

9. Heikki Haara & Tim Stuart-Buttle, The Problem of Sociability after Hobbes: Pufendorf and Locke on the Politics of Recognition  

10. Mikko Tolonen, Pierre Nicole and amour-propre

11. Aino Lahdenranta, Hutcheson’s Ambivalence about the Passions – Must Virtue and Fittingness Come Apart?

12. Adriana Luna-Fabritius, Pufendorf’s Sociability in (Italian) Translation

13. Ere Nokkala, Rethinking the Pursuit of Happiness – Johann Heinrich Gottlob von Justi’s Critique of Paternal Rule

14. Laura Tarkka-Robinson, An Empire of Renewed Ambitions: Political Economy and National Character in the Travels (1782) of William Macintosh

15. Jani Marjanen & Jussi Kurunmäki, How Ideology Became Isms: A History of a Conceptual Coupling