Law between Global and Colonial: Techniques of Empire

Erik Castren Institute, 3-5 October 2016

Law Between Global and Colonial: Techniques of Empire


First day: Monday, October, 3rd

13.00 Opening: Martti Koskenniemi

13.15 Keynote:

Lauren Benton, Rethinking the Imperial Origins of International Law

14.30 Coffee-break

14.45 Panel I Chair: Mónica García-Salmones

Kaius Tuori, Indigenous Property and Colonial Commerce: Inalienability Doctrine(s)

and Equal Rights

Ciarán Burke, Contesting Colonial Governance in a Post-colonial world – the Chagos Islands


Simona Tarozzi, Principles of Roman Law in Modern Colonial Regulations: The Chilean


16.45 Coffee-Break

17.00 Panel II Chair: Walter Rech

Hisashi Harata, Fusion between Civilizations: Historical Change of Understanding of European

Private International Law and of its Relationship with Consular Jurisdiction in


Zubair Abbasi, Co-existence of Sharī‘a and the Modern State: A Historical Perspective

from South Asia

Kirsten Sellars, ’Waging War against the King’: The Strange Afterlife of a British Colonial

Law in Delhi, Tokyo and Dhaka

19.00 End of Panel & Leaving for Dinner

Second Day: Tuesday, October 4th

9.00 Panel III Chair: Martti Koskenniemi

Maria Adele Carrai, Learning new Techniques of Empire: China and the new Legal Framework

for Managing Tibet

Elisabetta Fiocchi Malaspina, Techniques of Empire by Land Law: the Case of the Italian


Anna Bara, Law of the Core and the Core of Law: Russian Expansion Eastwards as a

Test of Judicial Supremacy?

11.00 Coffee-break

11.15 Keynote:

Isabel V. Hull, International law, Colonialism, and Ambivalence

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Panel IV Chair: Immi Tallgren

Jessie Hohmann, The ‘Treaty 8’ Typewriter and the Objects of International Legal Authority

Geoff Gordon, Imperial Time

Charlotte Peevers, Embodying Progress: the Suez Canal at the 1867 Paris Exhibition

15.30 Coffee-break

16.00 Panel V: Chair: Arnulf Becker

Felix Lange, The Dream of a völkisch Colonial Empire – International and Colonial Law

during the National Socialist era

Gerard Emmanuel Kamdem Kamga, State of Exception as a Strategy of Control and Domination

of Colonised People: the Case of Cameroon

Carlos Eduardo Amaya, By reason or by force. Legal Postcolonial Techniques of

Domination in 19th century American Republics.

18.00 End of Panel

19.00 Dinner

Third Day: Wednesday, October 5th

9.00 Panel VI Chair: Paolo Amorosa

Rotem Giladi, The Phoenix of Colonial War: Race, the Laws of War, and the ‘Horror on

the Rhine’

Anne-Charlotte Martineau, Revisiting the Nexus between Slavery, Migration and Labour

Olivier Barsalou, Imperialism and Legal Pluralism: The French Colonial Experience and

the Question of Imperial Citizenship

11.00 Coffee-break

11.15 Keynote:

Luigi Nuzzo, A Law in Between: Colonial Law as a Technique of Empire

12.30 Lunch

13.30 Panel VII Chair: Manu Jimenez Fonseca

Ville Kari Freebooters and Free Traders in the West Indies

Sara Dezalay: Natural Resources, Law and Africa in Globalization: Stakes for an Open

Research Agenda

Michael Fakhri: International Institutions, Markets, and Empire

Sabrina Tremblay Huet: The Consolidation of the Imperial Global South-Global North

Tourism Relations Through National Law: The Example of the Dominican Republic’s

Ley 158-01

16.00 End of Panel