John Locke Conference 2019

29–31 July

John Locke Conference 2019

29–31 July

University of Helsinki, Finland


Monday, July 29

9:00: Qiu Lin (Duke University) Locke's Simple Idea of Space: Three Problems and Three Proposed Solutions

Commentator Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin)

10:45: Geoffrey Gorham (Macalester College) Locke and Presentism

Commentator Justin Broackes (Brown University)

13:15: Hannah Carnegy (Stanford University) Self-Ownership and the Right to Exclude: A Lockean Problem for Contemporary Libertarians

Commentator Douglas Casson (St. Olaf College)

15:00: Masanori Kashiwazaki (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) Locke on Citizenship: Participation, Law of Nature and Political Membership

Commentator Punsara Amarasinghe (Scuola Superiore Universitaria Sant'Anna di Pisa)

16:30: Keynote: Hannah Dawson (King’s College) Locke on Natural Law


Tuesday, July 30

9:00: David Wörner (University of Zurich) Monsters, Changelings, and Real Essences

Commentator Arto Repo (University of Turku)

10:45: Simon Beck (University of the Western Cape) 'Let any one reflect upon himself': Locke's Personal Identity Thought-Experiments

Commentator Tito Magri (Sapienza Università di Roma)

13:15: Ákos Tussay (Pázmány Péter Catholic University) Locke’s Filmer Critique Revisited: The Literary Device of the First Treatise

Commentator Mónica García-Salmones Rovira (University of Helsinki)

15:00: Matthew Priselac (The University of Oklahoma) Language and Ideas of Modes and Substances

Commentator Nathan Rockwood (Brigham Young University)

16:30: Valentina Zaffino (Pontifical Lateran University) The Innate Ideas and the Foundation of Religion. The Correspondence of John Locke and Damaris Masham

Commentator Benjamin Hill (Western University)


Wednesday, July 31

9:00: John P. Wright (Central Michigan University) John Locke and His Successors on Voluntary and Involuntary Habits

Commentator Kathryn Tabb (Bard College)

10:45: Brian Ventura (University of the Philippine Visayas) Checking Locke's Prerogative Power: Bringing the Public Back in

Commentator Kiyoshi Shimokawa (Gakushuin University)

13:15: Céline Bouillot (Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne) Lockean Monetary Policies and Social Conflict

Commentator Canpu Chen (University of Paris 8)

15:00: Keynote: Philippe Hamou (Université Paris Nanterre) Ideas as Pictures


Participation to the conference is free of charge and everyone is warmly welcome.

The venue is Metsätalo building (Fabianinkatu 39, 00100 Helsinki)

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please address them here: