Conference 20-21 April, Venice

A global history of free ports: The diffusion and political transformation of an Italian phenomenon
In collaboration with the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History



Workshop and presentation of the project

A Global His­tory of Free Ports: Cap­it­al­ism, Com­merce and Geo­pol­it­ics (1600–1900)


Venice, Università Ca’ Foscari

20-21 April, 2017


Thursday 20 April (13-17:30)

13-13:45, Presentation website and project. Koen Stapelbroek, Corey Tazzarra, Antonio Trampus

13:45-14:30, General discussion


Session 1: Caribbean free ports (15-17:30)

Antonella Alimento (Pisa), From the Navigation Acts to the Free Port Acts: some reflections on the British West colonial policy

Mallory Hope (Yale), “All Clear Gain to the Kingdom”: Arguments in Favor of Opening Free Ports in the British West Indies

Victor Wilson (Turku), Swedish flagged trade in the Caribbean Free Port of Gustavia, 1793–1815

Corey Tazzarra (Scripps College Claremont, CA), Caribbean free port trade in the nineteenth century [discussion of paper synopsis]


Friday 21 April (9-13:30)

Session 2: European free ports after the Congress of Vienna and classical political economy (9-11:30)

Koen Stapelbroek (Helsinki & Rotterdam), Dutch liberalism and the return of the free port debate in the 1830s-1840s

Daniele Andreozzi (Trieste) with comments by Antonio Trampus (Venice), The transformation of the free port of Trieste in the nineteenth century

Marcella Aglietti (Pisa), The Gutierrez manuscript on the establishment of Cadiz as a free port [discussion of paper synopsis]


Session 3: The Asian free port development in the nineteenth and twentieth century (12-12:45)

Luigi Nuzzo (Lecce), Open ports and international law in China: the case of Tianjin


Concluding discussion (12:45-13:30)