Live stream: High-level policy conference
The CASI and PE2020 projects are very pleased to invite you to a jointly organised policy conference that focuses on best public engagement and sustainable innovation practices and identifies common European priorities on how to stimulate societal engagement for sustainable innovation activities in European regions, scientific institutions, SMEs and other societal actors.

Please join us for the policy conference Public Engagement for Research, Practice and Policy via live stream from the Committee of Regions in Brussels. The conference will start November 16th Wednesday at 9:30 .

You can follow the discussions in the different rooms via the links below. All keynote speeches and plenaries can be found here:

For sessions 1 and 5, use this link:

For sessions 3 and 7, use this link:

Please send us your comments via Twitter with the #CASI_PE2020 or to @publicengagement or @casi2020

Session 1: Innovative public engagement
Session 3: Societal interaction and societal impact
Session 5: Evaluation and incentives of public engagement
Session 7: Prospects of PE: Round table with sister projects