Meet our group members!

The group in June 2021:

Bottom row, from right to left:  Vili Salo (PhD student), Thomas Golin (PhD student),

Lauri Franzon (MSc student),  Theo Kurtén (PI), Nanna Myllys (visiting scientist from the University of Jyväskylä)

Top row, from right to left: Rashid Valiev (university researcher), Robert Skog (BSc student),

Anna Bengs (BSc student), Heidi Reiman (MSc student), Luis Duarte (university researcher, head of the matrix lab),

Chris Daub (university researcher), Galib Hasan (PhD student)

Key research areas of long-term group members and affiliated researchers
  • Theo Kurtén (group leader; University Lecturer, docent): Atmospheric reaction mechanisms, especially autoxidation processes
  • Vili Salo (graduate student): Modelling RO2 + RO2 reactions, especially barrier heights
  • Galib Hasan (graduate student): Modelling RO2 + RO2 reactions, especially conformational sampling
  • Thomas Golin Almeida (graduate student): Gas- and condensed-phase chemistry of complex amines, also modelling chemical ionisation
  • Rashid Valiev (university researcher): Multi-reference methods, intersystem crossing calculations
  • Chris Daub (university researcher): Molecular dynamics, including first-principles molecular dynamics
  • Luis Duarte (university researcher, leads the matrix lab): matrix isolation experiments
Undergraduate students working on research projects, summer 2021
  • Heidi Reiman
  • Anna Bengs
  • Robert Skog
  • Lauri Franzon (co-supervised with Mikael Ehn)
Former group members and past long-term visitors
  • Siddharth Iyer (PhD 2019, now at Tampere University): atmospheric reaction mechanism, especially oxidation of both organics and iodine-containing molecules
  • Noora Hyttinen (PhD 2018, now at University of Jyväskylä): Interpretation and modeling of mass spectrometric measurements, also thermodynamic modelling
  • Emma D'Ambro (visiting researcher from U. Washington, 2018, now at US EPA): Modeling vapor pressures of terpene oxidation products
  • Danielle Draper (visiting researcher from UC Irvine, 2017-2018, now at CalTech): Modeling the nitrate oxidation of monoterpenes
  • Martta Toivola (University Lecturer 2015-2017, now at Helen Ltd)
  • Yuwei Fu (visiting researcher, 2016-2017): High-temperature kinetics of sulfur-containing molecules
  • Cian O'Driscoll (visiting researcher, 2016-2017): Modeling the chemical ionization of amine degradation products from carbon capture