Lecture 26.1.2021. Archemy: when archaeology meets chemistry

Animals Make Identities organizes lecture series Zooming in Archaeological Biomaterial Laboratories.

What data can be produced from a soil sample? How to extract organic residues from a sherd? Where to learn high resolution microscopy? How to reach out to biomaterial labs?

Biomaterials are a specific and rich-find group  for every archaeologist. Their analyses contain macroscopic, microscopic and molecular methodologies. In this series of lectures, a selection of laboratories focusing on biomaterials will be introduced. We will hear about methods, for instance, on how samples taken from soils, plants and animals are converted into data on species distributions, isotopes, proteins and micro wear.

Welcome to tune in and listen to the leading researchers presenting their labs, facilities and projects!

Series of Lectures:

Zooming in Archaeological Biomaterial Laboratories

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Tuesday 26.1.2021 at 4 PM to 6 PM EET (3-5 PM CET). Archemy: when archaeology meets chemistry. Ester Oras, Archemy Lab, University of Tartu.

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