Archaeology & Bio-Sciences workshop 17.02.2023

Archaeology & Bio-Sciences workshop in collaboration with the ERC YMPACT project on 17th February 2023. Banquet Room, University of Helsinki (Unioninkatu 33, 1st Floor) and in Zoom.


Welcome and introductions:

9-9.15  Volker Heyd (Finland):  “The ERC YMPACT project: Bridging Archaeology, Bio- and Environmental Sciences”

9.15-9.30  Kristiina Mannermaa (Finland): “ERC project Animals Make Identities (AMI): Multidisciplinary approaches to mortuary archaeology and human-animals-relations”

Session: Bio-Anthropology:

9.30-10  Martin Trautmann (Finland):  "Yamnaya dead and Yamnaya alive: First Bioanthropological Insights" 

10-10.30  Olga Batanina (Finland): “Age and sex structure of the Mesolithic YOO group: morphological, proteomic and molecular data” 

10.30 Coffee break

Session: Genetics, Archaeology and Artificial Intelligence:

10.45-11.15 Yoan Dieckmann (Germany):  “Genes on the move—Palaeogenetics and migration from the steppe

11.15-11.45  Kevin Klein & Maxime Brami (Germany):  “Leveraging AI in the funerary archaeology of 3rd millennium BC Europe”

11.45-12:15  Discussion

12.15-13  Lunch break

Session: Bio-Materials:

13-13.30  Aija Macāne (Finland): “What bones can tell us? Traceological studies of osseous materials in hunter-gatherer burials at Zvejnieki (Latvia)

 13.30-14 Tuija Kirkinen (Finland): ”The study of microparticles evidence the use of organic materials. Examples from Skateholm, Sweden, and Kraakanmäki, Finland”

14-14.30 Coffee break

Session: YMPACT and AMI joining forces on isotopes:

14.30-15.15 Elena Sandoval (UK) & Rebekka Eckelmann (Finland):  "Steppe to Taiga - Approaching dietary reconstructions in different Societies“

15.15-15.45 Discussion

15.45-16  Conclusions and final words

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