Estimation of genetic parameters and social interaction of feeding behaviour and production traits in Finnish pig breeds


A major proportion of the costs of pork production relates to feed.

Feeding behaviour traits do not directly have economic value but, if correlated with production traits, can be used as auxiliary traits. Also, social interaction between the livestock animals is quite common and natural which is a key effect in average daily gain and feeding behaviour traits that contribute an extensive amount of heritable variance. During test period, pigs are housed in groups which means that pigs are having a social interaction. Consider of this social interaction, pig can influence their health, welfare, and productivity of their pen mates.


This research has two goals, to increase knowledge of the genetics of feed efficiency and feeding behaviour traits, and to understand the genetic basis of social effects in Finnish pig breeds.


  • Alper Tuna Kavlak
  • Pekka Uimari


  • Figen Oy


  • Raisio Plc Research Foundation
  • Suomen Sianjalostuksen Säätiö