ANEE Datasets

This page introduces various networks created by ANEE Team 1 that are openly available for researchers and the general public.

If you are interested in collaboration or would like to upload your own graphs, please send a message to Team 1 leader, Saana Svärd.

For all ANEE Datasets, see ANEE Zenodo repository and the list at the University of Helsinki web pages.

Linguistic datasets

Oracc in Korp is openly available and the latest version of Oracc in Korp was produced in 2021.

All versions of Oracc in Korp can be found at Kielipankki.

For Open Richly annotated Cuneiform Corpus see

Archaeological datasets

3D models of archaeological objects from the Middle East were created in the project Making Home Abroad, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundadion and closely linked with ANEE. Simplified 3D models can be viewed in Sketchfab. Full resolution 3D models and the related metadata are available with a CC license (depending on the museum collection each object belongs to) at IDA.