Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology - Zoom Workshop, Helsinki, August 26-27 2020

Adam G. Anderson (PI and Postdoc Researcher, Lecturer in Digital Humanities D-Lab & Data Science Project Manager at BIDS on August 27, 18:40-19:00 in session 3: Using Text Data, Publishing and Digital Assyriology.

ABSTRACT: AI and Assyriology: Deep-Learning Ontologies for Bibliometrics and Word Embeddings in Near Eastern Studies

As we witness the sweeping reach of Neural Networks in science and technology, the question remains: how will AI make an impact in the humanities? This presentation will introduce a novel implementation of Neural Network models with the capacity to bridge the long-standing gaps between disciplines in the humanities and sciences such as archaeology and philology. Illustrative examples found within Near Eastern Studies will be discussed from an ongoing Data Science Discovery project, entitled Ancient World Citation Analysis.