Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology - Zoom Workshop, Helsinki, August 26-27 2020

Mikko Luukko on August 26, 18.15-18.35 in session 1: Creating and enriching text data

ABSTRACT: Treebanking Assyrian Royal Inscriptions

In this talk, I will give an interim report on what our team (Sam Hardwick, Krister Lindén, Mikko Luukko, Aleksi Sahala) has done in order to create an Akkadian treebank, based on early Neo-Assyrian Royal Inscriptions (RIMA 2 = Grayson 1991, from Ashur-dan II until Ashurnasirpal II).

After briefly defining a treebank or treebanks, I will tell how we will attempt to release our treebank under the Universal Dependencies (UD) guidelines and describe the challenges of the related morpho-syntactic annotation process, with some preliminary results.