Recent Developments in Digital Assyriology - Zoom Workshop, Helsinki, August 26-27 2020

Presenting on behalf of Achemenet, PI Damien Agut; of the DCA Group (Déchiffrement du Corpus Achéménide), PI Francis Joannès; and of the MCB project (Material Culture of Babylonia during the 1st millennium BC), PIs Francis Joannès and Michael Jursa, by Bruno Gombert and Louise Quillien on August 26, 17.20-17.40 in session 1: Creating and enriching text data.

ABSTRACT “Open access edition of late Babylonian texts on report and perspectives”

This presentation will focus on the recent developments of the website Achemenet, especially regarding the open access edition of the Late Babylonian corpus. was funded in 2000 by the professor at the Collège de France Pierre Briant and is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary. The website is now published by the CNRS, ArScAn-HAROC team based at the MSH Mondes (former Maison René-Ginouvès) at Nanterre/France, under the direction of Damien Agut-Labordère.

The first objective of the website is the gathering of primary documents of the Achemenid period. Among them, the Late Babylonian corpus represents a major set of data. In this presentation, we will give an outline of the recent additions in this corpus and we will explain the plans of expansion and remodeling of the website for the near future.

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