Algae Factory
Algae Factory -project drew on latest research to take advantage of industrial waste streams to grow sustainable and nutrient-rich valuable raw materials out of microalgae, e.

g. for the food and cosmetics industries. It was funded by Business Finland's 'New Business from Research Ideas' funding, the work was shift to commercial operations in late 2019.

Microalgae are a source of various high-value ingredients, such as long chain omega-3-fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and other bioactive lipids, antioxidants, pigments, vitamins and proteins. Upcycling the side streams of industrial production to grow algae for the generation of valuable functional ingredients follows the principles of circular economy, while providing a waste water treatment solution.

The research team of the University of Helsinki has established over many years of investigation those strains of algae that are superior to currently most common commercially used algae for their propensity to grow as biomass as well as to produce valuable compounds.

Al­gae Fact­ory

Dr Elina Peltomaa
Tel. +358 50 448 6649

Process for generating valuable compounds from algae: