Teaching and research personnel of Agrotechnology

Researchers and teachers of Agrotechnology

Laura Alakukku, Professor

I am a professor of Environmental Technology in Agriculture. My specific research interest is in soil management including soil structure, compaction, conservation tillage methods connected to break-crop systems, biological tillage, precision agriculture, and use of continuous measurements systems to examine the soil processes, machine-soil-crop interactions.

Antti Lajunen, Associate Professor

My research is focusing on the investigation of advanced technologies that can improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of agricultural production. These technologies include electrification of agricultural technology, automation of agricultural processes, intelligent systems for measurement and monitoring, and artificial intelligence. The main research methods are virtual simulation and experimental measurements.

Hella Ellen Ahrends, Postdoctoral Researcher

My research focuses on the observation of natural and managed ecosystem dynamics across spatial and temporal scales using established and novel sensing techniques. Specifically, I am interested in fusing multi-sensor data for an improved agronomic management and for sustainable agricultural production.

Keywords: multi-sensor data, sensor data fusion, soil and crop characteristics, time series data, sustainable resource use and management in agriculture

Szabolcs Galambosi, University Lecturer
Tapani Jokiniemi, Director of the Viikki Research Farm
Hanna-Riitta Kymäläinen, Senior University Lecturer

My research topics are production hygiene and non-food fibres. I am also involved in several topics in pedagogical research in agricultural sciences.

Animesh Kumar, Doctoral Researcher

My research focuses on Autonomous Agricultural Vehicles and Robots for arable farms.

Keywords: autonomous robots, machine learning, automation

Leon-Friedrich Thomas, Doctoral Researcher

I am a PhD-student with a background in environmental sciences and remote sensing. My research focuses on mapping and identifying weeds and invasive plant species among cultivated corps using deep learning models and drones. The goal of my research is to incorporate data fusion of RGB-images, multispectral and thermal data in supervised and unsupervised deep learning methods to achieve more robust and reliable results.

Keywords: deep learning, weed detection, drones, sensor fusion

Juuso Tuure, Doctoral Researcher

I am a doctoral student at the Department of Agricultural Sciences. My research focuses on improving water balance of agricultural areas suffering from water shortage.

Keywords: drought, arid areas, soil water balance

Mikael Änäkkälä, Doctoral Researcher

My research focuses on drones and how they can be used in crop monitoring.  In addition I study how different conditions affect drone imaging and the accuracy of crop models created from the drone images.