Affiliated members

The AGORA Research Centre has a wide network of both international and national research associates across various disciplines.

As a senior researcher, lecturer or a PhD researcher you can become affiliated as a member of the AGORA community through joint research projects and other collaborative efforts regarding our key research themes around the questions of social justice and equality in education, guidance and support systems. The AGORA centre’s current research affiliates are introduced below.

National affiliates and research collectives

Janne Varjo, Associate professor, Department of Education, Education and society research community, KUPOLI research unit, University of Helsinki

Jukka Lehtonen, Senior Researcher, Gender Studies, Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki

Joseph Brojomohun-Gagnon, Professor, Department of Education, University of Helsinki

Riikka Hohti, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Education, University of Helsinki

Maija Lanas, Senior research fellow, Faculty of Education, University of Oulu

Johanna Sitomaniemi-San, Post-doctoral research fellow, Faculty of Science, University of Oulu

Antti Saari, Assistant professor, Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University, POISED research group 

Nelli Piattoeva, Associate Professor, New social research eduction, Faculty of Education and Culture, Tampere University

Hanna Ylöstalo, Senior lecturer, Department of Social Research, University of Turku

Tuuli Kurki, Postdoctoral Researcher, Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki, CEREN

Tero Järvinen, Professor, Department of Education, University of Turku

International affiliates and research collectives

Julie McLeod, Professor, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, Social Transformation and Education Research Hub

Fazal Rizvi, Professor, Global Studies in Education, University of Melbourne
Emeritus Professor in University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Social Transformation and Education Research Hub

Katja Brøgger, Associate professor, Department of Education Science, Aarhus University, Privatopia reseach network

Val Gillies, Professor, Social sciences, University of Westminster

Malin Ideland, Professor, Educational Sciences, Malmö University

Lisbeth Lundahl, Professor, Educational work, Umeå University

Maria Olson, Professor, Department of humanities and social sciences, Stockholm University

Berglind Ros Magnusdottir, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education and diversity, University of Iceland

Katie Wright, Associate professor, Sociology, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, La Trobe University

China Mills, Senior lecturer, School of Health Sciences, Division of Health Services Research and Management, City University of London

Crystal Green, Post-doctoral researcher, Department of Education, University of California

Sanna Toiviainen, Associate Professor, Career Guidance, University of South Eastern Norway

Cristina Miralles Cardona, PhD, Postdoctoral researcher ‘Juan de la Cierva’, Faculty of Education, Dpt. of Health Psychology and Institute for Gender Studies Research, University of Alicante Project summary

María Cristina Cardona Moltó, PhD, Professor, Faculty of Education, Institute for Gender Studies Research, University of Alicante