Meet the Education Researcher podcast series

Professor Kristiina Brunila visited professor Neil Selwyn's podcast series 'Meet the Education Researcher'.

You will hear our latest research results from Helsinki and you can dive into discussions on the future of education, the influence of market reforms, digital technologies, and the role of behavioral and life sciences in precisely shaping human conduct. Recorded in Melbourne, this interview features profound and challenging questions that hopefully also provoke thought and insight into the evolving educational landscape. Listen via the link: Meet The Education Researcher.

The podcast series also includes interviews with many other prominent education scholars such as Rahdika Gorur, Mary Lou Rasmussen, Anna Hogan, Gert Biesta, Ben Williamson, Keri Fazer, Carlos Torres, Jane Kenway, Fazal Rizvi, Malin Ideland, Bob Lingard and Sam Sellar.