Services for researchers

The research support services pave the way for smooth research work and save time for research. The services are offered through the University’s intranet Flamma, as on-site services near the researchers, in campus-specific service centres and in University Services. They are continuously developed to meet the users’ needs.

The nearest support staff can be found in the offices of faculties, departments and independent institutes. The staff in these units help researchers with daily problems, cooperate with the service providers in University Services, and when needed, assist the researcher in finding the appropriate service provider. Typically, on-site services include financial and human resources services, and in some units, also assistance with funding applications. Units are also responsible for providing researchers with work spaces and technical services.

Research Services helps researchers in preparing their projects and in delivering the research results for the service of the society at large. Its services cover the planning and application of research funding, legal support for research projects, business cooperation and the exploitation of research results.

Research Services is a part of the Research Affairs sector of Central Administration. It works in close cooperation with the University of Helsinki–owned Helsinki Innovation Services Ltd, which provides commercialisation services. University of Helsinki’s Business Collaboration Team offers support and coaching for building new collaborative research projects between the university and businesses.

Campus service centres offer services related to the management of finances and human resources. Their operations are overseen by University Finance and Human Resources and Legal Affairs in University Services. International Staff Services, which operates under Human Resources and Legal Affairs, ensures that international researchers can settle seamlessly in Finland and also assists University of Helsinki researchers with the practicalities of relocating abroad.

The Helsinki University Library offers researchers electronic and printed materials and the related services, including assistance and training in information retrieval, open access publishing and the management of research materials. The University Library operates on all campuses.