NADMED: New way to support diagnoses and care decisions
NADMED was born out of a need to measure NADs, key natural compounds of our bodies that balance and control health.

The metabolic products of vitamin B3, known as NAD metabolites, switch on and off hundreds of biochemical reactions and tune our metabolism to environmental conditions, especially nutrition.

“NAD+ increases when we are fasting. Fasting is a well known way to increase longevity in many animals, which has raised high interest towards NAD as a molecule promoting health also in humans. Vitamin B3 is turned to NADs by our tissues. NAD-boosters, aiming to increase NAD pools, are a major target of an increasing number of companies developing remedies to promote health and longevity”, tells Professor Anu Wartiovaara.

However, tools to test NADs reliably in humans have been lacking. Based on the method discovery of Docent Liliya Euro and Prof. Anu Wartiovaara, NADMED has solved this challenge.

Many diseases modify and cause imbalance in NADs. Scientific evidence indicates lack of NAD+ in mitochondrial diseases and proposes roles in renal, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases, including long-COVID-syndrome. NAD pools are affected also by degenerative and nutrition-linked states, such as obesity and aging.

“Measuring NADs provides important information to support diagnoses and care decisions, something that so far has been impractical in clinics. NADMED is easily applicable to different kinds of medical needs, identification of those who may benefit from NAD-booster treatment, and follow-up of boosting effects”, Wartiovaara points out.

A new diagnostic toolbox and analysis services

NADMED allows measuring the full range of NADs using standard lab equipment. The method scales to high volumes, whereas until now, measurements have required using expensive equipment and lengthy processes, and have been unable to measure all four forms of NAD.

“Demand for NAD measurement in research is already high and growing in clinical settings. We see vivid interest also in drug development, especially in metabolic, mitochondrial, renal, and neurodegenerative diseases”, Jana Buzkova, NADMED’s commercial liaison, concludes.


There are no blood tests currently available to determine the amount of NAD metabolites in the body. Lack of NADs is detrimental to health and associated with many serious diseases.


A technique to measure individual levels of NAD metabolites from blood and other tissues.

Key benefits

  • All four NAD metabolites can be measured.

  • The technique can be applied to both analysing individual samples and high-throughput screening.

  • The technique is easy and scalable to use in any standard clinical laboratory.

Business model

Commercialisation of the technology will be carried out by a start-up company providing a diagnostic toolbox and analysis services. Customers of the company will be clinical laboratories, research institutions, and pharma companies.

A patent application for the technology has been filed, protecting the unique method created in the project.

Join us

We are looking for early stage investors and partners from research and pharma industry. We are also looking for key staff to join our startup company next year, including quality and compliance specialist and marketing manager.

Contact information

For furher information, please visit NADmed's website.

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