The University of Helsinki is one of the leading multidisciplinary research universities in Europe. The University produces world-class research in several fields and has achieved great success in acquiring competitive international funding. Start-up companies, based on cutting-edge research and innovations, are excellent investment opportunities.

For example, the commercialisation activities of Helsinki Innovation Services supported the establishment of these companies: Etsimo Oy, DiSEL21 Oy, Nanoform Finland Oy, MOPRIM Oy, Valo Therapeutics Oy ja Memocate Oy.

A partner at your service

Members of our team are experienced in the investment sector and have a wide range of experience in entreprenuership and start-up companies. 

We are currently preparing cases for commercialisation and are seeking investments in the areas of big data search and analytics, mobile learning, homeland security, nanoparticle creation, neuroscience, protein structure determination and biomaterials.

We are keen to learn about your investment strategy and are in the optimal position to present you with selected investment opportunities before they become publicly known. Additionally we can contact you with leading researchers in your fields of interest.

Please contact us for further information.

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