Jari Strandman is specialised in the commercialisation of ideas and inventions. He has gained extensive experience in business development, partnerships and internationalisation of startup companies, as an entrepreneur and board member, in Finland, Canada and the UK.

Jari’s strong international business experience is based on working with large, international technology corporations, such as Sisu and Partek Cargotec, as well as small and medium size companies. Strandman is also known for co-founding a numerous university-based startups in Finland and abroad.

Jari has a long experience in the commercialisation of ideas and inventions not only from Finnish universities, but also from working with MIT Industrial Liaisons Program, and from working for Scientific Research Capital Ltd in Oxford. He started collaborating with the University of Helsinki already in 2008, during his assignment as the Managing Director of IP Finland.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 40 700 6968

Milla Koistinaho serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at HIS.  Process owners in invention and idea evaluation and enhancement, preparation for commercialization and new business creation as well as commercialization officers at HIS report to Milla. In addition to her COO duties, Milla leads the IP protection and commercialization process.

Milla has over 17 years of experience in managing academic research based start-ups and commercializing early stage inventions. She has been a member of the founding team in three start-up companies based in cutting edge science in Finland. Earlier Milla served for 9 years as a founding chief executive officer in a non-clinical stage, private drug discovery company, being responsible for IPR generation and management, leading research programs and partnerships, executing financing rounds and leading business development actions. Milla is well networked internationally and she has also worked as a postdoctoral researcher in biopharmaceutical projects at Eli Lilly and Company in the USA. Milla has led and commercialized several early stage drug discovery projects especially in the therapeutic areas of CNS diseases and oncology.

Milla holds Adjunct Professorship in neurobiology at University of Eastern Finland. She has a PhD degree from the same university. Milla gained her PhD thesis in collaboration with Stanford University and a mid-size biopharmaceutical company, Scios Inc., situated in Silicon Valley in California, USA. Since 2013 Milla has also served as a Board member of Finnish Bioindustries.

Milla is HIS's contact person in Viikki Campus.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 44 590 0603

Besides making things go smoothly at HIS office, Heli Lahtinen takes care of company's financial administrative and communicative tasks, travel and meeting arrangements. She works as a training officer and assists everyone when needed. Working as HIS’s point of contacts she is also responsible for undertaking common questions.

Heli has long experience working in large international companies, such as IBM Finland, Partek Oyj Abp and Mobira Oy, assisting teams in various duties related to management, human resources and marketing.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 547 7299

Kari Sinivuori is responsible for business development in the innovations selected to be commercialized, by sourcing additional skills to the teams and facilitating the development of their business models.

Kari has a long experience in business development, asset management and general management of various sized companies. He has been in charge of Fortum Power and Heat’s activities in the Baltic Countries as well as Alstom’s activities in Finland. He is also founder of GreenStream Network Plc, the first Nordic company to build business based on Climate Change mitigation. Besides Kari has management consulting background from Pöyry Management Consulting, where Kari was running the energy team in Finland.

Kari has MSc from University of Lappeenranta in production economics.

Kari is HIS's contact person in Kumpula Campus.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 3860 444

Sara Kangaspeska is responsible for the invention and idea evaluation and enhancement processes at HIS. Sara’s tasks range from researcher outreach, invention disclosure evaluation, market and patentability analyses to preparation and execution of commercialization projects including IPR strategy consideration. 

Sara is a molecular biologist and biochemist with broad scientific background gathered from international research institutes including Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL, USA) and European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL, Germany). Sara has previously worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) where she studied drug resistance mechanisms in cancer.

Sara gained her PhD at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) / University of Heidelberg, and her M.Sc. at the Åbo Akademi University. Sara has completed Aalto PRO Patents-Industry-Technology training and also studied economics at the Aalto University.

Sara is HIS's contact person in Meilahti Campus.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 44 012 72 67

At HIS, Pia Kostiainen takes care of the various steps of the invention disclosure process, creation of  immaterial property rights and management of the patent portfolio of the University of Helsinki. Pia is an experienced IP professional and has worked as a Patent engineer and most recently with regulatory and product stewardship issues. She also has experience from both product development and sales.

Pia holds a M.Sc. (Chem. Eng) from Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University)

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 309 9796



Petri Junttila identifies inventions stemming from University of Helsinki faculties of social and education sciences and arts. He assesses commercial potential of the inventions, and supports researcher teams in leveraging their innovations’ impact through funded commercialisation projects. To promote invention activity, Petri shares knowhow in methods, routes and opportunities of commercialisation within the faculties.

For over 10 years, Petri has been supporting numerous small and large, private and public organisations in business development and analysing their operational environment. He has worked e.g. as an M&A consultant at EY, and managed /co-founded the digital service development and brand design partner Nórr Design. Petri has experience in establishing and managing a business, as well as in sales and fund raising.

Petri holds an MSc Econ degree in Entrepreneurship and Management from Aalto University. Additionally, he completed IDBM-minor studies that promote multidisciplinary and customer-oriented business development. Petri also studied international business and management in the UK, USA and Germany.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 40 775 7852

Gen Tamjar evaluates, promotes and commercialises new research-related inventions at the University of Helsinki, with a particular focus on drug discovery and therapeutic development projects.

Gen has worked as a post-doctoral scientist at the MRC Protein Phosphorylation & Ubiquitylation Unit at the University of Dundee in the structural biology of neurodegenerative disease. Subsequently she was appointed Scientific Liaison Manager for the Drug Discovery Unit at the University of Dundee, a flagship UK endeavour with leading experts from the pharmaceutical industry. In 2018, she was recruited to the University of Helsinki, Finland as a Senior Advisor in Business Collaboration.

Gen has an extensive multidisciplinary background in biomedical research, starting from her undergraduate studies in Chemistry at Lomonosov Moscow State University. She subsequently obtained MSc and PhD degrees in the Molecular Biology & Biomedicine Program at CIC bioGUNE and the University of Basque Country, Spain, specializing in structural biology of trinucleotide repeat disorders. In 2017, she was named one of 5 UK Scientists to be awarded LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer Fellowship.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 377 3384

Alexander Lagerman is responsible for managing and supporting business development activities in University of Helsinki’s commercialization projects, mainly within healthtech, but other life science related matters as well. 

Alexander has a professional background in management consulting, sales, and entrepreneurship where he has worked with many different companies and innovation projects ranging from dental care and food innovation to lab consumables and drug candidates. He has also participated in different kinds of fundraising activities; contributing with financial planning, commercial development, and communication. 

As educational background, Alexander holds a M.Sc. Business Creation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship and a B.Sc. Molecular Biology from the University of Gothenburg. Furthermore, he has studied independent courses in business administration, leadership, and marketing. 

Contacts can be made in either English or Swedish.

Contact info:
Mobile: +358 50 563 0238

Eveliina Jutila is responsible for evaluating invention disclosures and identifying potential business or commercial opportunities of research results arising from the field of physical sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Eveliina has many years of experience in both basic and applied research at Aalto University and in immaterial property law studies at Hanken School of Economics. In her research, she has developed highly wicking porous coatings for microfluidic analytical and medical applications and characterized and tested coatings and coated samples among other things. Eveliina has also collaborated with the researchers of the division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology of the University of Helsinki.

Eveliina has Ms.c. (Tech) degree in papermaking and printing from Aalto University. She studied industrial management and strategic management as a minor. Currently she is finishing her PhD at Aalto University in the research group for Printing Technology and her studies at Hanken School of Economics in the master’s degree programme for Intellectual Property Law. Eveliina has also studied international management, marketing and economics at Otago University in New Zealand.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 476 3457


Roy Nyberg is responsible for commercialisation activities in the Algae Factory project. This means in practice to examine what are the structures and dynamics of the different possible markets for microalgae, to converse with the science team about these possibilities, to lead the development of strategic plans, and to establish connections to the different commercial and other actors, all in preparation for commercialisation post project-funded period.

Roy has an M.Sc. degree from the London School of Economics, and a M.Sc. (Management Research) and DPhil (Organisation Theory) degrees from the University of Oxford. Prior to joining HIS he was a Lecturer and Canon Foundation Research Fellow at University of Tokyo, Japan, and Research Fellow at George Mason University, USA. In his research work he has theorised about the adoption of new technologies in the pursuit of reorganisation of existing industries, relating primarily to cities (`smart cities`) and the health care sector. Prior to academic career, he commercialised electronic tickets for Finnair, worked in corporate sales and project management, and also either founded or worked for a few start-ups in marketing and mobile services.

Contact info:
Mobile +358 50 467 7816


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