Info for doctoral candidates and supervisors

A new PAPU Doctoral Student is requested to form a monitoring group and meet with the group 1-2 times a year. Please contact papu-info(at) for more information. Please also discuss with your supervisor.

All PAPU Doctoral Students should subscribe to Thessa, the doctoral studies planning and reporting tool. If you cannot find your supervisor in Thessa, please ask him/her to sign up.

If you want, you can join the association for graduate students. This association participates in the selection of student representatives in the steering groups. The association also has a Facebook-page.

Are you already a doc­toral stu­dent?

The Instructions for Students website, aimed at current and old doctoral students, offers advice related to funding your studies, doing doctoral-level research and all the other information you need to complete a doctoral degree at the University of Helsinki. The instructions are grouped into themes, which you can find at the bottom of the front page. You can also search for instructions and bulletins with specific terms. Make sure that you have selected your degree programme.


As of 1.8.2017 a doctoral degree at the Doctoral Programme in Particle Physics and Universe Sciences (PAPU) consists of:

  • a doctoral dissertation
  • discipline-specific studies (at least 30 credits), and
  • studies in transferrable skills (10 credits).

The scientific studies (at least 30 credits) consist of discipline-specific studies supporting the thesis research work as well as a course in research ethics. Compulsory courses in this module are Research Ethics (DONAS-401) and PAPU Doctoral Student Seminar (PAPU-001). To complete PAPU-001 Doctoral student seminar course you must participate in total 10 seminars and present your own research once. For collecting the attendance of the seminars you need to have a small green book. You can get  (and also return) your own green book from  Tapio Lampén (tapio.lampen (at) 

The requirements for transferrable skills studies are common to all doctoral programmes of the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences and consist of

  • courses in different skills related to academic work (at least 4 cr; codes DONAS-1** or PED-5** or other suitable courses)
  • international activity and mobility (1-4 cr; codes DONAS-2**), and
  • societal communication and organising tasks (codes DONAS-3**).

Information on degree structure in PAPU can be found from the WebOodi

Trans­fer­ring to the new de­gree struc­ture

This notice is aimed at all doctoral candidates, whose study right has begun prior to August 1, 2017.

Find more detailed information about transferring to the new degree structure from student's guide.

Students in the new degree system

The new degree form can be used for the registration of study modules for doctoral students who are completing their degree according to the new degree structures (40 ECTS).

Students in the old degree system

The old degree form (pdf) is used to register the study modules completed for the doctoral degree according to the previous study requirements (min. 60 credits). Fill in two forms (discipline-specific and general competence studies) with the studies you want to incorporate to your doctoral degree and give them to your responsible professor or responsible person of your studies. He/she revises and accepts the study modules. The signed forms are submitted to If you need help with filling in the forms, please send e-mail to

PAPU can provide financial support for organizing intensive courses, workshops and conferences that are within the PAPU research fields and benefit PAPU students. It can also be applied for a targeted PAPU student group.

Students can also apply (for example “pizza Friday” including scientific programme) but recommendation letter from supervisor/s is needed. To apply for course funding, fill out the online application form

Information about travel grants and other funding opportunities for doctoral candidates can be found student's guide.

Remember to log in or choose your doctoral programme on the top of page to see all relevant information.

An extensive list of PAPU supervisors can be found from the University of Helsinki research database.

PAPU Student Wellbeing leaflet lists useful resources and links related to general and work wellbeing relevant for PAPU students and who to contact.

2.10.2019 The steering committee of PAPU has decided to recommend funded doctoral candidate positions within the Faculty of Science to Emma Mannfors (4 years) and another applicant (3 years) who did not want their name to be published. The steering committee congratulates the successful candidates, and wishes to thank all the applicants! In total 8 applications were received.

29.10.2018 The Doctoral Programme in Particle Physics and Universe Sciences (PAPU) board has assessed the 15 eligible applications received for the PAPU doctoral candidate positions starting in January 2018. In this round we had only one salaried position. On 23th October 2018, the board of PAPU has decided to award the position to Matias Mannerkoski. PAPU congratulates the successful candidate, and wishes to thank all the applicants!

18.1.2018 In December, the Dean of the Faculty of Science nominated Emilia Kilpua as the Director of PAPU for the period 2018-2021.  Board members of PAPU were also nominated, with Joona Havukainen and Santeri Laurila as new student representatives for 2018-2019.

15.1.2018 The board of the Doctoral school in natural sciences has decided in December to grant five outstanding dissertations with an award of 1000 euros each (thesis defended between 1.10.2016-30.9.2017). PAPU congratulates all awardees, and in particular Yann Pfau-Kempf from PAPU!

11.1.2018 In December, the steering committee of PAPU decided to recommend an additional funded doctoral candidate position within the Faculty of Science to Joonas Herranen for a 3-year period of 2018–2020. Congratulations to Joonas!

11.1.2018 University of Helsinki Research Foundation decided in December to award one of it's designated doctoral student position to Matias Säppi from PAPU. Congratulations to Matias!

27.11.2017 The steering committee of PAPU has decided to recommend funded doctoral candidate positions within the Faculty of Science to Matias Säppi and Erkka Lumme, for both for a 3-year period of 2018–2020. The steering committee congratulates the successful candidates, and wishes to thank all the applicants! In total 16 applications were received.

22.11.2017 All participants in the PAP-PAPU Fall Meeting voted again for the Best Doctoral Student Presentation. Three best were  J. Havukainen, T. Kärkkäinen and S. Laurila (in alphabetical order). Congratulations!!

10.11.2017 The legendary PAP-PAPU -fall meeting and Christmas dinner will be on November 21. This is an official PAPU event, and obligatory for all PAPU doctoral students. An invitation has been sent to PAPU doctoral students and supervisors. If you have not received the invitation, please contact PAPU Coordinator.

18.8.2017 The International round for salaried doctoral student positions will be 1-14 September 2017. The application time for a doctoral study right is organized at the same time in parallel. If you are interested in applying in one or both of these, please see the relevant topics in this page.

27.4.2017 PAPU Steering Board has decided on the Chancellor’s Travel Grants. Successful applicants have received an e-mail on this subject. In total there were 17 applications. Those who received Chancellor’s Travel Grant also in 2016, will be admitted at most 1.000€. For others, max. 1.500€ is admitted for trips within Europe, and max. 1.700€ for trips outside Europe.

16.3.2017 PAPU Doctoral Students can now apply for Chancellor’s Travel Grant for trips which take place 1.3.-31.12.2017 (you can also apply retroactively). Apply at latest on Saturday 15th April 2017. Details including the link to the application form has been sent via e-mail to PAPU doctoral students and supervisors.

25.11.2016 The board of the Doctoral school in natural sciences has decided to grant a doctoral dissertation award of 1000 euro to five outstanding dissertations. PAPU congratulates all awardees, and in particular Kimmo Kettula and Timo Peltola from PAPU!