Almost all PhD level courses within the MATRENA fields are offered in English, and the main working language within the participating groups is English.

Students  who wish to take exams and get guidance in the national languages, Finnish or Swedish, have an opportunity and right to do so.

MATRENA organizes regular university courses and intensive special courses in the fields it represents. It can also be a co-organizer and co-funder of summer schoolds, workshops and conferences for MATRENA students.

28.5.-8.6.2018 PROV-607 Microfluidics and Nanotechnology for Pharmaceutical Applications

11.-12.6.2018 XAS workshop  

8.-9.11.2018 Workshop on Finnish Compact Light Source

19-22.8.2018 International Workshop on Biological Membranes: Tiny Lipids with Grand Functions

1.11.2018 MATRENA Seminar 2018 (MATRENA-002) : Materials around us

15.-16.12.2018 Synchrotron Light Finland 2018   

10.-13.12.2018 Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry: Machine Learning in Quantum Chemistry

12.-14.12.2018 6th European Joint Theoretical/Experimental Meeting on Membranes