The board of the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences has established a doctoral dissertation award programme to recognize and encourage high quality research and writing by doctoral candidates in the school. This year five outstanding dissertations were granted with an award of 1000 euro each.

This year one of the five Outstanding dissertation award 2018 was given to Jeremias Berg from DoCS. Congratulations Jeremias!


Doctoral Program in Computer Science (DoCS) received 9 applications for the University of Helsinki -funded doctoral positions starting in January 2019.

On November 12th 2018 the board of DoCS decided to award the position as below:

Chang Rajani 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022.

DoCS congratulates the successful candidates, and wishes to thank all the applicants!

PhD Seminar

PhD seminar sessions in Academic year 2018-2019 will be held on the following days:

  • Friday the 21st of September, 2018 at 14-16 in CK112,
  • Friday the 2nd of November, 2018 at 14-16 in CK112,
  • Friday the 30th of November, 2018 at 14-16 in CK112,
  • Friday the 25th of January, 2019 at 14-16 in CK112,
  • Friday the 22nd of March, 2019 at 14-16 in CK112,
  • Friday the 26th of April, 2019 at 14-16 in CK112, and
  • Friday the 17th of May, 2019 at 14-16 in CK112.


The DoCS programme organises annually different kinds of events for its doctoral students and their supervisors. These include, for example, meetings of the DoCS supervisors and pizza seminars of the DoCS students.

The University of Helsinki has many events, organizations and associations for doctoral candidates. These include

  • The Association of Doctoral Students at the University of Helsinki. Visit the Association's blog and join in!
  • Kumpula Campus' Women in Science Group. Visit the group's blog for more information. All genders are welcome!
  • A Buddy programme for (new) international staff and doctoral students. For more info email unibuddy@helsinki.fi.
  • Tsemppi PhD. Take a look at the Tsemppi Blog where you will find relevant information on grant calls, academic and social events.

More information about joining the community can be found here

The studies in the DoCS programme consists of a doctoral thesis, scientific studies, and studies in transferrable skills.  The programme does not provide any regular courses, but it can organise intensive courses, seminars and guest lectures that are typically held by international guests. The DoCS programme organises for its doctoral students an annual PhD seminar that is a compulsory part of the studies. See more detailed under Degree structure in the DoCS programme.

Students in the new degree system

This form can be used for the registration of study modules for doctoral students who are completing their degree according to the new degree structures (40 ECTS).

Students in the old degree system

This form is used to register the study modules completed for the doctoral degree according to the previous study requirements (min. 60 credits). Fill in two forms (discipline-specific and general competence studies) with the studies you want to incorporate to your doctoral degree and give them to your responsible professor or responsible person of your studies. He/she revises and accepts the study modules. The signed forms are submitted to kumpula-student@helsinki.fi. If you need help with filling in the forms, please send e-mail to kumpula-student@helsinki.fi

Make sure that you ask for the registration of your studies as soon as possible. The registration of tradional lecture courses is done by the teacher. To register other studies (conference presentations, research visits, other scientific activity), please read the instructions in Weboodi. Usually your supervising professor grants the credits for these. He/she can then send the request for the registration to kumpula-register (at) helsinki.fi.

All doctoral candidates should use Thessa, the doctoral studies planning and reporting tool. If you have not yet signed in, please follow these steps:

  1. Ask your supervisor(s) to sign in to Thessa.
  2. Once your supervisor is in Thessa, sign in yourself.
  3. Once DoCS admin has verified your account, you can add your supervisor(s) and start using the My PhD Project in Thessa.

Then just remember to fill in your progress (publications, courses, conferences, research visits, funding) to your PhD plan. Thessa will send you an e-mail when it is time to complete an annual report, which your supervisor(s) will review and accept. Note that you can also complete reports in shorter periods than once per year, you don’t need to wait until Thessa reminds you.


A supervisor of a doctoral student in the DoCS programme can be one of the professors or one of the principal investigators of the Department of Computer Science. In addition, the student may have one or several unofficial postdoc-level supervisors. Most importantly the supervisors should have expertise and competence in the sub-field of research of the doctoral student and they should be committed to supervise the student. If the supervisor of the doctoral student is not a professor, then one of the professors at the Department of Computer Science is appointed as a resonsible professor for the doctoral student.

The student has the right to receive regular supervision, but also the obligation to update his or her personal study plan regularly, to report on the progress of the research and studies, to participate in the activities of the department (teaching and departmental duties), and to inform the supervisor if the studies will be delayed.

The supervisor must provide supervision for both research and studies regularly, and also follow up the student's progress, ensure the continuity of the supervision if he or she is unable to provide supervision. The supervisor has the right to resign from the supervision relationship, if the student does not fulfil the obligations specified in his or her study plan.

Support team

Every doctoral student also has a support team with at least two members (i.e., mentors). The members of this team should have PhD degrees and may work at the department or at other departments or universities. If the supervisor of the doctoral student is not a professor, then one of the professors at the Department of Computer Science must be a member of the doctoral student's support team. Typically, this professor is the responsible professor of the student. The unofficial supervisors can also be a part of the support team. 

The support team should, as the name says, support the studies and research work of the doctoral student. The members of the team should meet the student at least annually, e.g., at a PhD seminar session. The support team are supposed to encourage the students, not review them.

When you have got the doctoral study right, you will also get from the Faculty of Science instructions on how to enrol to the University of Helsinki for the first time.

After that, you have to remember to register yourself as an attending or non-attending student for each academic year. If you fail to do the registration in time or you need to apply for extention to your study time, please, follow the instructions on register monitoring and reactivating your study right.